Am I actually choosing Wholegrain Bread?

Ever wondered if you are choosing bread with whole grains and is this actually a better choice?

Bread like most things has become a product of thousands of different types.

White, white high fibre, wholemeal, wholemeal with seeds, wholegrain, pumpkin seeds, Soy and linseed, quinoa and flax seeds etccc.c………..

In this day and age we need to savvy with our choice of bread, as it is a potential source of whole grains but is it actually worth it, the answer is sometimes NO.

As you can see the white grain bread is what most of people choose and would then state they eat wholegrain bread. A few grains or seeds scattered throughout the bread is not sufficient and may as well be a white bread.


Can you see the difference?
  • Wholemeal/Rye base flour
  • Open space filled with seeds/grains
  • Solid loaf, less air pockets



How do I know which bread to choose?
  • Aim to choose bread with a wholemeal or rye base
  • Aim to choose a bread with as many visible grains and seeds
  • The heavier the loaf the better


Which brands are the best?

Burgen – Soy Linseed, Rye and Weight Management

Helga’s –Lower carb

Tiptop 9 Grain – wholemeal and seeds

Bakers Delight – Capeseed Loaf

Traditional Rye Sourdoughs