Brown Rice, is it really that good for you?

Rice, in every diet plan found online it appears. Replacing bread or pasta in equal parts.

I often have this conversation with my clients when they tell me they have swapped from white rice to brown rice and then using it to replace other possibly healthier grain alternatives.


Brown Rice is…….

87% Carbohydrate

7% Protein

6% Fat

2% Fibre

Nutrient Balance score of 29/100


White rice is……

90% Carbohydrate

8% Protein

2% Fat

0% Fibre

Nutrient Balance Score of 27/100


So compared to white rice, there is minimal difference in the carbs, fibre, protein and fat. There is minimal difference in the nutrient balance and it is obviously not very nutrient dense with a score of 29/100. What other options do you have if you are wanting to make a better choice?

Quinoa : Nutrient score of 45/100 and a higher protein content (15%).

Corn: Nutrient score of 50/100 and a low GI it is useful option for use as a grain replacement.

Sweet Potato: Nutrient score of 65/100 a low GI and a sweet and soft vegetable.

Red Cabbage:  Nutrient score of 82/100 and the lowest GI of all, sliced up raw its purple colour is inviting and it is extremely low in in calories (a much better rice replacement).

Zucchini:  Nutrient score of 86/100 and the lowest GI and lowest in calories, using a veggie spiraliser, it is a perfect rice or pasta replacement and rich in nutrients.





Grains are generally quite devoid of nutrients when compared particularly to vegetables. If you are wanting to make a healthier choice, my advice would always be to eat more vegetables. Not because its carb free, low fat, gluten free or low in calories, but because it is actually healthier for you.

Include small amounts of grains (1/2 cup) and mix with a larger amount of vegetables for a healthy balanced meal.