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Ingrained Nutrition is a dietetics company located in central Wagga Wagga, specialising in gastrointestinal conditions, paediatrics, fussy and picky eaters, disordered eating, people with disabilities and chronic disease management. Our services extend to menu review and planning, consulting to small and large health businesses, aged care facilities, the Disability sector and medical centres across Wagga and the Riverina.

Founded by owner Peta Cullis over 14 years ago, we now comprise of five Dietitians with over 40 years combined experience. Every one of our dedicated team members share a love of assisting our clients to meet their health and nutrition goals.

Our amazing administration team will listen to your needs and select the right Dietitian for you and your health needs.


Kids & Families

As parents and Dietitians, we know that feeding your family and meeting the nutritional needs of young people can be challenging. We have the skills, training and experience in working with children to manage a wide range of nutritional conditions from growth failure to general fussy eating. Our Dietitians have experience with fussy eaters themselves and work closely with families to increase food acceptance.

Gut Health & IBS

Nutrition for gut health has become increasingly popular in recent years. Our Dietitians are up to date with the most recent research and can inform you on how to maintain a healthy gut while eating the foods you enjoy. We have completed evidence-based training in the FODMAP diet and can assist in the management of all gut conditions from coeliac disease to irritable bowel syndrome and everything in between.

Aged Care & Menu Reviews

Our nutritional needs change as we get older and having a Dietitian as a part of your health team can help to prevent nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition. We work closely with aged care facilities to ensure proper nutrition is available to residents through detailed menu reviews, staff educational in-services and individual resident assessment.

Chronic & Immune Conditions

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer & heart disease among others can compromise immunity and require specialist nutritional advice to manage these properly. Our Dietitians can help you sort fact from fiction and create an individual nutrition plan to target your individual needs.

Eating Disorders

Are you struggling with debilitating disordered eating behaviours such as binging, restricting and/or purging? Eating disorders such as Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), are devastating conditions that can take over one’s life.

With nutrition guidance and counselling, you can improve your physical health and relationship with food. We have experienced eating disorder Dietitians within our team, who work closely with you to provide proven solutions and compassionate support while regaining your health.

Allergies & Intolerances

Allow us to work with you to diagnose food intolerances and allergies and assist you in improving symptoms and removing allergens from your diet for the long term while meeting your nutritional needs.

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Our amazing administration team will listen to your needs and select the right Dietitian for you and your health needs.