Written by Peta Cullis

20 Apr 2021

Most of us out there are living busy lives. Working five days a week, looking after kids, after school activities or balancing Uni and part time work.

People than feel over loaded and unable to find time to cook or prepare healthy meals.

What if I told you could still have quick, easy and nutritious meals?
Or that you don’t have to spend 3 hours in the kitchen making one?

The next week we are going on a deep dive on healthy, quick and easy meal options that don’t leave you panicked or stuck for time whilst still making good choices around food and nutrition.

I can eat Frozen meals?!

Frozen meals are a great place to start when looking for easy food options that have already been prepared.
They are good mid-week savers or beneficial if you are just cooking for one.

Its just about picking the right ones…

Top 3 tips when looking for frozen meals!

  1. Energy Per Serving

    It can be important to pay attention to how much energy each frozen meal contains. For a general rule aim for meals with 2000 kJ per serving or less.

    For example, this Lean Cuisine frozen meal only has 986 kJ per serving. This would be a good option if you are trying to watch your weight.

2. The Balance Act!

It important like all meals to make sure you are getting enough of each food group, especially your vegetables!  
When picking frozen meals aim to look for ones that include vegetables. Make sure they also include some lean protein (eg chicken) or fish and a small serving of either rice, pasta or potato.

The Lean Cuisine meals are a good choice as they always aim to have a balanced meal.

3. Flavour and Taste!

But most of all choose ones that taste good and you want to eat!

So which ones should I go for?

Some good options to start would be:

  • Lean Cuisine (Some Vegan and vegetarian options)
  • Weight watchers
  • Youfoods (Some Vegan and vegetarian options)
  • Supernature: frozen meals and bowels (Vegan and vegetarian options)
  • Coco and Lucus (the smaller sizes are good for children)
  • Healthy Choice McCain

Whilst there are some disadvantages to frozen meals eg excess packaging, they can be a good choice for people who are super busy and still want to make some good food choices.

Stay Tuned! We’ll be throwing some quick, easy and healthy recipes your way soon!

By Emma Pearson, Accredited Practising Dietitian

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