Written by Caitlin Scane

14 Sep 2020

Snacks are important for many different reasons including fuelling a workout, meeting nutritional targets for fruit and fairy and most importantly keeping you satisfied until then next meal. A lot of people ask what they should have for a healthy snack outside of boring old fruit and nuts. Snacks can vary a lot in healthfulness, kJ content and ability to keep you full so we have created a list of 12 different filling and healthy snack ideas to get you started. We think it’s best to see your dietitian for snack ideas if you have a particular health or nutrition goal.

  1. Yoghurt with berries (add chia or sunflower seeds for crunch)
Tip: choose a yoghurt that is low in sugar and high in protein such as Greek yoghurt

2. Peanut butter and apple slices

Tip: A natural peanut butter with no added sugar and salt is better for your health and may help you keep portions in check

3. Dark chocolate and nuts

This one combines a treat with a healthy snack to jazz up plain nuts, aim to keep portions to a small handful!

4. Bliss balls

Bliss balls are easy to make and so versatile. They often include nuts seeds and dried fruit so pack a fibre punch which can help keep you full for longer!

5. Wholegrain Crackers with cottage cheese and tomato

Crackers and cheese couple also be crackers with smashed avocado with Vegemite, beetroot hummus and cucumber or nut butter and banana, the possibilities are endless

6. Hommus or tzatziki and veggie sticks

Hommus or Tzatziki are both higher protein dips, having these with veggies sticks instead of crackers means more veggies in your day and it’s a higher volume food meaning you can eat more for less kJ.

7. Savoury Egg Muffin

A great sweet muffin alternative, providing some added protein to keep you fuller for longer. A great one to prep to take to work or school.

8. Protein bar/ seeded muesli bar

An easy grab-and-go choice Choosing a high fibre muesli bar such as Barley+ will keep you more satisfied ad well as the bowels regular.

9. Fruit Smoothie

The key to not over-doing the kJ in a smoothie for a snack is to choose a low kJ milk such as skim of almond or use coconut water, add berries in addition to 1 other fruit such as banana and add ice!

10. Peanut butter stuffed dates

For those looking for a sweet fix again this tasty sweet and savoury snack will satisfy the craving while adding fruit, fibre and protein for lasting fullness.

11. Roasted chickpeas/ fava beans

A great alternative to chips or salted nuts, easy to make and also available as a grab-and-go option in the health food aisle

12. Frozen yoghurt covered fruit

Dip fruit in yoghurt and freeze for a tasty cold treat in

By Caitlin Mannion, Accredited Practising Dietitian

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