Health Food Aisle Product Review: Well Naturally Sugar Free Chocolate

Nutrition Panel

At 290kJ per serve, at first glance it appears that this chocolate is a lot lower in energy than regular chocolate, however there are 3 serves in this small bar alone! We know that most people are going to assume that a serve is a whole bar, particularly due to its small individual size. At 1930kJ per 100g compared to regular Cadbury milk chocolate at 2250kJ/100g there is only a 320kJ difference between the two.

The sugar content is a lot lower than that of regular chocolate at 8.7g/100g meeting the guideline of less than 10g/100g sugar. However, the saturated fat content is higher than that of regular milk chocolate at 26g/100g and 19g in milk chocolate both well above the guideline, but it is chocolate and we do expect this.

Nutrition Claims

There are quite a few nutritional claims on this product:

80% less sugar* *than regular milk chocolate Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is made with premium ingredients and sweetened naturally with stevia. 100% real chocolate, No added colours, flavours or preservatives, gluten free.

All of these claims are substantiated, and this may be a great option for those who require gluten free option as most regular chocolate brands carry a wheat contamination claim. The only difference in regards to additive and flavours between this chocolate and Cadbury chocolate is that “natural flavours” is an ingredient in the sugar free chocolate and “flavours” is listed as ingredient in the Cadbury chocolate but there is likely no difference here.

Taste Factor

The taste of this chocolate did not disappoint, I offered it to 2 family members who did not notice that it was a low sugar chocolate alternative.

Price Point

This product is $2.85 for a 45g bar it is significantly more expensive than Cadbury chocolate at $6.33/100g compared to $2.78 per 100g.

Overall, I rate this product 2.5/5 green apples with points given for gluten free status earning its place in the health food aisle, significantly lower sugar content and the use of stevia as a natural sweetener.  Unless you are choosing this chocolate because you have a gluten allergy or as a low sugar option as a diabetic I would not recommend this product due to the higher saturated fat content, minimal difference in total kJ and the misleading portion sizes, being that there are 3 serves in 1 small bar and the much higher price point.

By Caitlin Mannion, Dietitian