Review of Common Online Meal Plans

A lot of people utilise online meal plans for convenience and to take the thinking out of nutrition. These types of plans can be costly with groceries being up to $200 per person/week and don’t take into consideration your individual preferences or lifestyle. Peta has reviewed 4 common meal plans that are used by our clients, with CSIRO AND 12wbt coming out on top in regards to diet quality, flexibility and dietitian created plans.

Online PlanSubscription Cost/WeekFood Cost (per person)Diet QualityFlexibilityDistinguishing FeaturesLimitations
CSIRO Total Wellbeing$19.99$180-200Highest diet quality and widest range of nutrientsYes – different types and kj controlled plans.Higher protein, lower fat and carbs, no food restrictions, based on research and fully refunded for successful completion. Dietitian created and easier recipes.Most expensive food cost.
28 By Sam Wood$13.62$170Restricts grains and limits fruit due to low sugar basis.Male and Female plans, can exchange meals.Not created by a dietitian, recipes are based on the I Quit Sugar Program. Adaptations to the recipes available Vegan Gluten free, Dairy Free. 10% discount on Fruit and Veg w Woolworth.No kilojoule amounts provided.
12WBT (Michelle Bridges)$19.99No food cost providedGood quality, fresh and cooked meals, does not limit nutrients or food groupsYes, range of energy controlled plans up to 8,000kJ per day and 6 different programs: wt loss, fitness, pregnancy, post babyCost of food is not provided
Healthy Mummy$6.69$150-$200Minimal fresh salad ingredients in the meal plans, overall quality is good.Yes, suitable for families and recipes can be exchangedThe cheapest of all programs, cuts out white sugar, increases protein. Designed for meal prepping and bulk cooks, with limited fresh meals. Nutritionist planned. Only designed for mums, refer a friend/sales and add on product heavy

2 thoughts on “Review of Common Online Meal Plans”

  1. CSIRO wellbeing was good so far as weight loss, BUT, is very labour intensive with much preparation involved. We ate well and lost weight, would be difficult for a working couple to maintain. Food worked out to be quite expensive.

    1. Thanks Dave, yes definitely but that is why we presented a range of different options for individuals. Glad this one worked for you and maybe there are some tweaks a dietitian can make to assist with your journey.

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