Nutrition Review: Two Good Yoghurt

Nutritional claims on the packaging

No Added Sugar, 2g total sugar,  11g protein, 0 nasties, a taste two good to be true

Nutrition Label

Energy 315Kj per 150g serve which is very low for a yoghurt

Protein 11.3g per serve which is good for a non-Greek yoghurt

Carbohydrate total: 3.3g per serve, the lowest I have seen in a yoghurt, please show me lower if it exists. 2g total sugar is advertised however it is 3.3g total.

Saturated fat: 0.8g/100g, low due to the use of skim milk

Sodium 19mg / 100g

Calcium 104mg per 150g  serve, a fair bit lower than some other yoghurts e.g. Yoplait zero has 235mg per serve and chobani fit has 177mg/serve this is because this yoghurt has been watered down with water as the second ingredient, attributing to its low kJ value.

Ingredients List

Skim milk, water, rice starch, lemon pulp, salt, stevia leaf extract (sweetener) live yoghurt cultures, milk minerals (this may include whey protein, calcium)

There isn’t anything in this list worth worrying about its relatively short with “no nasties “which generally refers to artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


I opted for the vanilla flavour, it was enjoyable with a milk only flavour, I couldn’t taste the sweetener and overall it doesn’t have a very sweet flavour.

Who or when I would recommend this to

  • Someone with diabetes who was keeping an eye on their carbohydrates as its only 3.3g carb per serve
  • A client who adds yoghurt to their breakfast or muesli’s and is aiming for weight loss to keep the kJ lowed
  • Someone who likes to have something sweet after dinner served with some chopped berries and a square of chopped dark chocolate.

Overall rating

4/5: It wasn’t my favourite flavoured yoghurt (That is regular Chobani in vanilla or other fruit flavours or Tamar Valley No Added Sugar) but nutritionally it is adding something different to the market with its low carb and kJ content and decent amount of protein.

By Caitlin Mannion, Dietitian