Product Review: Macro VEGIE-LISH Vegan Burgers

Product overview: 2 vegan burger patties/ package, coming in Moroccan and Mexican flavours.

Nutrition Claims

  • Vegan
  • Very high in fibre
  • Loaded with black beans/corn, jalapeno peppers and paprika (Mexican)
  • Loaded with carrot, chickpeas, zucchini, and spices (Moroccan)
  • 4.5 health stars

Nutrition Panel

Energy: At 1450kJ (Mexican) and 1170kJ (Moroccan) per serve (1 patty), these are about the same as a regular beef patty with the Mexican patty being slightly higher. This is likely due to the slightly higher bean content compared with the Moroccan flavour, and the use of canola oil in both.

Protein: At 9g/serve this is on the lower side for a main meal protein source, we want roughly 25-30g here. You would need to add some additional protein to your burger such as cheese, bacon, textured vegetable protein, you could use a high protein bread to add a little extra protein also.

Sugar (Target <10g/100g): 3.7g/100g, under the target which is to be expected for a burger patty.

Fibre (Target >7g/100g): 5.7g (Moroccan) and 6.9g (Mexican)/100g, this does not meet the target of less than 7g/100g, which is disappointing due to the “very high in fibre” claim on the packaging. However at 7.1g of fibre per serve this is much higher than a beef or chicken burger which has no fibre so in comparison yes, they are exceedingly high in fibre. Additional fibre can easily be added to this meal with a wholegrain bun and added salad vegetables and side salad.

Sodium (Target <400mg/100g): 230mg/100g meeting target, great for any savoury product!

Ingredients List
The Moroccan patty is 53% vegetables/legumes and the Mexican is 60% vegetables/legumes and make up the highest volume of the product, this is ideal! Other ingredients include canola oil, spices, Tapioca starch, sugar, herbs, natural flavour, and salt last. This is a rather good list with no long chemical names or numbers or preservatives.

Taste Factor
I tasted both flavours made them into a delicious burger and really enjoyed them both with the Mexican flavour being quite spicy! They were comparable to other more expensive vegan burger patty’s and I was surprised by the great flavour. If you don’t like spicy, go with the Moroccan flavour!

Price Point
At $3.25 per pack that is $1.60 per patty, these are very affordable and much cheaper than beef or chicken burger patties.

My Tips
Ensure you add extra protein to this meal, see tips above

Overall, I have given this product a 4/5 green apple rating, with a point deducted for the very low protein content

Reviewed and tasted by Caitlin Mannion, Dietitian