Recipe: Zucchini & Potato Fritters (Vegan)

By Caitlin Mannion, Dietitian

1. grate zucchini, potato and onion into a large mixing bowl. Transfer to a strainer to squeeze out excess liquid, you could also then move to paper towel to squeeze out any more liquid. Transfer back to mixing bowl.
2. Heat olive oil to coat bottom of a medium sized frying pan, approximately 1/2 cm deep at a medium to high temperature.
3. Add spinach, capsicum, garlic powder, mixed herbs, flour, salt and pepper to zucchini mixture and stir well to combine.
3. Roll mixture into small balls and flatten into patties.
4. when oil is hot add patties to frying pan and turn after 1-2 minutes or until golden brown, checking often
5. Eat while hot!!

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