Reviewing the Health Food Aisle: Sunrice Brown Rice Chips

Nutrition Panel

The allocated serving size of these chips is 33g or about 13 chips, if you stick to that amount the energy amount is ok for a snack- comparable to the serving size and energy of standard chip brands. The saturated fat is 3g/100g, just meeting guidelines of under 3g/100g and the sodium is 428g/100g, slightly above the under target of 400mg and only slightly lower than most regular chips. The dietary fibre is 1g/serve which I did expect to be higher due to the brown rice component advertised in the products name which would have been the main draw for me to these chips over regular chips.

Ingredients List

Rice flour is the main ingredient of these chips followed by sunflower oil and corn flour with bumped brown rice being one of the last ingredients on the list but is still listed as the main marketing focal point.

Nutrition Claims

The only health claim on the packaging is “Gluten free” which, a lot of common potato chip brands are as they are primarily made of potatoes, oil and salt.

Taste Factor

I rate this product 3/5 for taste, they are a bit on the blander side but still Moorish due to the salt content, like most chips.  However, I would choose a different chip as these chips are on par nutritionally with a lot of others.

Price Point

At $5 for an 150g bag, these chips are considerably more expensive than most others of their kind likely due to the use of rice flour and the price tag that seems to accelerate in the health food aisle.

Overall  I have given this product a 3/5 green apple rating, due to the low brown rice content  compared to what is advertised and relatively comparable fibre, saturated fat and sodium content to a lot of tastier and cheaper chips. These chips are an ok choice if eaten in moderation (like most chips) but will not be added to my shopping trolley again soon.

Caitlin Mannion, Dietitian

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